July 20th, 2017
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Fans of the coffee stall on the Cambridge market (link to my previous post on opening hours) may be interested to know that he doesn't seem to be open on Thursdays any more - AFAICT he's now Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat.

Not entirely co-incidentally, my coffee supplies are now rather low :(
July 17th, 2017
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Signed up for [community profile] remixrevival, because Parallels doesn't seem to be running this year and I'm in need of a midsummer fic exchange to boost creativity levels. More people should sign up (especially if you're nominating anime/manga, because I am happy to adjust my own offerings if people do)!

Writing that first sentence, though, made me stop and ponder: it's a bit past the time for it this year, but would people participate in an AO3-coordinated Dark Is Rising fic exchange next May/June? Perhaps with reveals timed for Midsummer's Day? I may post about it on [community profile] thedarkisrising, but since a significant body of that community overlaps with my flist, it's worth doing a straw poll for it here.
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Dialogue for the old and new fans...

From Planet of the Spiders part one, as it might be re-edited:

LUPTON: Not only a Doctor, but a woman Doctor. We do not want her here.
CHO-JE: We cannot shut out the world entirely, my brother.
LUPTON: Why not? You used to, in Tibet.
CHO-JE: All things pass away, as you will learn in your meditation. This world of samsara, the world of appearance, is the world of change.
LUPTON: Yes, but I came here to get away from the world. So did the others. We came here to find solitude.
CHO-JE: One day you will learn to walk in solitude amidst the traffic of the world.
LUPTON: It's still not too late to stop her coming.
CHO-JE: But it is. Mister Chibnall has already gone to the station to fetch her.


CHO-JE: We can but point a finger along the way. A man must go inside and face his fears and hopes, his hates and his loves, and watch them wither away. Then he will find his true self, which is no self. He will see his true mind, which is no mind.
SARAH: And that's what meditation's all about?
CHO-JE: Yes! The old man must die and the new woman will discover to her inexpressible joy that he has never existed.
SARAH: Well, good luck, mate.

From Chrissie's Transcripts Site, with alterations.
July 14th, 2017
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I've been feeling inexplicably unwell so I finished work early this afternoon and spent it lying on the couch watching the Tour de France...

• One of Britain's top cyclists from the 80s, Philippa York, has just publicly come out as trans during the Tour. Apparently she had been avoiding public life for some years, but people in the know were aware that she'd transitioned. What's heartening is that the reception from the cycling world has, as far as I can tell, been extremely supportive. She's been guest commentating on ITV for a few stages now, and I haven't heard a single stumble over name or pronouns. Chapeau, Philippa. It must have taken a lot of courage.

• David Millar gets so into the tactics. You get the feeling that he doesn't care so much who wins (or does a good job of covering it up, unlike Carlton Kirby, who has his crushes), but he gets passionately angry if he disagrees with a team's choices: "why are they doing that??!? It's ridiculous! What are they trying to achieve???"

Yet when Ned Boulting asked, he heartily and believably denied having any desire to be out on the mountain himself: "no, no, a thousand times no."

• I've managed to get my parents into watching the Tour. They're both backing Froome. What did I do to deserve this?

• As always, a special thanks is due to whoever at ITV does the end-of-show montages. They are always superbly on point and they almost always choose great music. Today I owe them particular thanks for introducing me to the music of Jacqueline Taïeb, a French singer of Tunisian origin from the 60s.

Apart from being a great song, Bravo just makes me think of the "Carlien Daten?" saga. (Spoiler: after the date they "decided to just be friends.")

I don't get the feeling that Taïeb pities (or particularly respects) the hero, though perhaps I'm reading too much into it...

(French lyrics)

• ETA: What have I learned from the Orica Backstage Pass so far? That Esteban Chaves is reading a Danielle Steele novel and that (unrelatedly) Matt Hayman has had to explain to him what a "bromance" is.
July 11th, 2017
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I did actually laugh out loud at this one. I love these guys. Can they be a Yuletide fandom?

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I found myself double-booked for The Doctor Falls, and so over a week after broadcast have returned with a follow-up review for Time Lines, John Connors's blog which continues the ancient traditions of his earlier fanzines Top, Faze, This Way Up, Antenna and others. As I write, it's not quite a review...

Steven Moffat at his best is very good at treating characters and events as symbols whose interaction as principles not only shapes but often overtakes conventional narrative. Looking back after over a week of rewatches and reviews, the success of The Doctor Falls lies largely in how this coded writing works, laying emphasis on specific aspects of character and setting which sometimes confound expectations which World Enough and Time might have encouraged. What follows isn’t quite another review but a set of reactions considering some of the opinions I’ve come across since The Doctor Falls was broadcast. In case anyone is in any doubt, I greatly enjoyed the episode; there was a tense fatalism throughout, leavened by statements of optimistic principle. I realised while watching it that kindness was probably the factor that kept me watching Doctor Who in the first place. The Doctor has not always been kind, but he tries to be kind to the greatest possible conceivable number of people, all the time. This is his virtue and periodically, in limited ways, his downfall.

July 9th, 2017
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Is this Tour proving to be really interesting, really boring, or both? Possibly both. Mostly I wonder whether there's anyone actually left in the race at this point.

Spoilers through stage 9 )
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It's getting to the end of the choir year, when some of the older children will be leaving us to go to university. Tradition is that they get to suggest music to do for the last few services of term. So while evensong did rather over-run this evening, we did have some lovely music - A 12 part magnificat by Victoria, Holst's 8-part setting of the Nunc Dimittis, and the anthem was also by Holst, Psalm 148 [links are to youtube recordings of other people singing these pieces].
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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

 photo EFC_Logo_zpskopvnkxa.jpg

This fandom is old and pretty much dead, but I still love the show and just started re-watching again.

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here. You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) as well.
July 8th, 2017
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There will be a post with actual content about my current employment eventually, possibly even this weekend, but I need to post a Moment of ShameTM to remind myself why it's not smart to shop while soused.

So around noon today I went out to brunch by myself at the local wine shop and cafe [pause for shouts of hipster! to die down] and enjoyed a nice meal of pancakes, a cup of coffee, a mimosa that was far more champagne than orange juice, and a bartender-recommended glass of Vouvray. I also had a chance to chat with the executive chef and sous-chef of the cafe, who are involved in the opening of a new local beergarden restaurant around the corner. (The chef and I even had a geeky bonding moment where I remarked that I liked his sous-chef's Batman socks, which prompted a brief discussion about the Justice League, so that was fun.) Needless to say, I was pleasantly sozzled as I left, enjoying life in general, and I decided that I'd walk over to the local Asian grocery store to buy a bag of rice to refill my stocks and pick up a few bottles of tea to take to work next week.

Fast-forward a few hours later, when I'm sober, finishing the washing-up after having made katsudon for dinner, and go to refill my rice bin -- only to discover that my stupid happy drunk self bought a 5-pound bag of mochigome (sweet rice) instead of my usual regular sushi rice, because I grabbed the first bag of rice I saw on the shelf and didn't bother to read the label clearly.

I suppose this is as good a reason as any to try my hand at making ohagi and some other snacks that use sweet rice. But apparently, shopping tipsy is almost as bad as shopping hungry as far as my decision-making skills are concerned.


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