2009-04-19 04:54 pm

LJ down...

If Livejournal has died before I got around to migrating at least a backup over hear, I will be *very* *cross*.
2009-04-19 11:37 am


Rather to my surprise, my morning email included a Dreamwidth invite on the lottery of beta invite codes, which marks possibly the first time I have ever won a draw, in several decades of life. (Unless you count winning a spin-the-wheel at a pub quiz.) Thanks Denise, this probably made my day as much for the winning anything at all ever part as for the shiny Dreamwidth part!

So here I am, dithering at the "Purchase a paid account" stage still open in the other Firefox tab, since it says 'Paid accounts will go on sale on 30 April 2009. You can manually upgrade your account to test the "Paid Account" functions during our closed beta phase, but you can't make a payment yet.' So is the testing free or not? I am naturally curious about the functions as I might consider getting a paid account in the single permanent account sale that may happen (like Emperor I prefer a once-off payment model to a rent model - can there be something to astrology after all?), but I don't want to commit myself to any payments right now.